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What We Do

Forshay specializes in connecting leading-edge companies with exceptional talent. We work with clients ranging from newly minted startups to some of the most established brands in the Bay Area. Whether you’re looking for short-term project expertise or full-time employees, we hit the ground running, ready to meet your needs.


Research + Practical Experience
= Actionable Insights

Forshay founder Sally Thornton is both a business owner and a thought leader on the nature and structure of modern work. Sally is a frequent speaker at business conferences and a regular guest lecturer at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she’s lectured on topics such as: • The future of work • Navigating your career • Building your talent pipeline • Women’s leadership • The science of work/life blend • Building a personal brand

Consulting Projects

We believe that most work should be structured as a series of milestone-driven projects. Need to design and deliver a product launch, marketing communications campaign, learning program, compensation plan, or other important project? We’re ready to deliver. Forshay consultants bring specific, targeted knowledge to share with our clients, and we’re experts at finding win-win solutions.

Interim Experts

Looking for an expert who can ease your workload? Our interim consultants arrive with an objective point of view, skills and experiences that complement your focus, and a “get it done” work ethic. When work is abundant but milestones are less than clear, our interim experts can hit the ground running to get important work done, onsite or off. While our experts primarily have backgrounds in marketing, finance, or human resources, they are “corporate athletes” who accomplish so much more than fits in a traditional job description.


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empowering people

We want you to thrive. Whether you need support to do so as an independent consultant or you want more autonomy in your career, Forshay meets you where you are. Our collaborative work model frees you to do your best work and gives you the opportunity to grow and connect with like-minded professionals.

Forshay offers top talent three ways to engage: our exclusive Core, a supporting network of Connected consultancies, and an extended Community of independent contractors and direct-hire candidates.

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Our Story

I’m often asked, “Why did you name the company Forshay?”



The process involved a few branding brainiacs (thank you Nina, Jennifer, and David), and possibly several glasses of wine. And when we hit on the name, the reason for it was very simple.


The inspiration for my becoming an entrepreneur was my brother, Will Forshay. When Will was 37, he was killed in a plane accident. At the time of his death, I was eight months pregnant with my first child. I had been working the long hours Silicon Valley demands, commuting into the office every day and staying far too late. When I heard about Will, I flew to the crash site. That day, my mom told me that as much as I loved my work (and I do love my work), I couldn’t know how much time I would get with my son. She encouraged me to find a new way to blend work and family so I would have no regrets about whatever time I was given with my boy.


So Forshay stands for all people who love their work—and who strive to do their best work while living full lives with no regrets.


About Us

Forshay connects leading-edge companies and exceptional talent, on demand or for direct hire.