Who we are.

We are a team of creative problem solvers who believe that respect, authenticity, entrepreneurship and fun are core to human-centered companies. Our reputation is based on the relationships we’ve nurtured and the innovative risks we’ve taken.

We began in 2011, solving for the fluid future of work with interim experts.

Working moms loved it. Then came the working dads, millennials without kids, and baby boomers, who all wanted new ways of working.

After expanding into executive search because we “always got the skills + the culture complement right,” we came to a realization: the “special sauce” critical to thriving teams is actually based on the social science happening within them.

Now we’re working on solving the whole system of work by uncovering the science behind how individuals and teams thrive.

Thought Leadership

Re-Imagining the Future of Work with Sally Thornton

Where we came from.

I’m often asked. ‘Why did you name the company Forshay?

The inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur was my brother, Will Forshay. When Will was 37, he was killed in a plane accident. At the time of his death, I was eight months pregnant with my first child. I had been working the long hours Silicon Valley demands, commuting into the office every day and staying far too late. When I heard about Will, I flew to the crash site. That day, my mom told me that as much as I loved my work (and I do love my work), I couldn’t know how much time I would get with my son. She encouraged me to find a new way to blend work and family so I would have no regrets about whatever time I was given with my boy.

So Forshay stands for all people who love their work—and who strive to do their best work while living full lives with no regrets.

Sally Thornton, Forshay Founder

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