Designed for deep relationships where we thrive

Why? The CPO role is f’ing HARD.

  • This is your power source. A private, small group of leaders with shared values…built for you, by you, with co-creation as its core. (It is not performative networking that is wide and shallow, built with someone else’s goals in mind or venture funding. This is your space, built for you).
  • Inspired by CEO groups Sally participates in, this is a high trust trust, confidentiality-at-its-core group so you can truly discuss the range of issues for intellectual, emotional, and practical support that makes a difference in your full life.
  • We want your work to be as joyful as possible (yes, joy!). Enjoy your job, grow while at the top, manage work/life, get on Boards, support your up & comers in a multi-generational way, and steady reminders to have fun along the journey – life is too short.

What is this awesomeness? We are a curated community of CPO leaders who are interested in:

  • Trusted, real conversations with CPO peers – both in person and online
  • Access to honest situations / ideas / trends / solutions in other companies
  • Peer to peer coaching -where CPOs can continue learning while at the top
  • Growth personally and professionally
  • Community where workplace challenges are shared/leveraged with design thinking principles
  • Levity blended in – laughter and fun will be savored!

Who? Membership is comprised of CPO leaders who:

  • Report to the CEO
  • Work directly with the Board
  • Share the values of Forshay’s mission (inclusive, kind, abundance mindset)

How is this different?

  • Deep trust across the membership so you can talk about the salty, hard issues that face this role safely (also means no asshole rule – authenticity and vulnerability are keystones).
  • Community connections with peer leaders, with awareness of SF Bay Area culture (although not limited to Bay Area leaders)
  • Breaking bread while solving problems – quarterly Bay Area gatherings where it’s growing + *fun*
  • Diversity, Inclusivity, and Belonging will prevail. This is Forshay’s DNA.
  • Confidentiality is respected and preserved like CEO peer-groups are designed – “Chatham House Rule”
  • Opportunity to amplify impact + voice: Sally will capture stories/data that want to be shared by you for HBR, videos, podcast, blogs.

What will I get?

  • A quarterly CPO Bay Area dinner (held monthly – you choose one per quarter that you can attend) with relevant, lightly-facilitated content (may grow to other hub cities in future)
  • Monthly virtual meetings to thread ideas from the in-person gatherings and allow more frequent connection without logistics/commute. Topics are decided by the community (you!).
  • Anytime you need quick, time sensitive conversation – leverage our community Slack channel
  • Quarterly larger in person gatherings that may include your “up and comers” so new ideas are always introduced from multi-generational diversity – and perq to next gen leaders you’re mentoring.
  • A voice in how the community develops. We believe in co-creation. Who do you want to join? What do you want to discuss?
  • A la carte additional outings/playtime if desired like a semi-annual retreat. We can organize in response to the desires.

What it’s not:

  • Ego-driven or performative. This isn’t about showing up and saying how shiny everything is. This is showing up with what’s hard, where you need help, learning together *while* celebrating each other and lifting each other up so we can all do your best work.
  • This is a space for growth (including how to thrive in your personal life, your professional role and add new responsibilities if desired like Board positions). Questions about what jobs are open + where, who to hire (interim or direct hire) are respectfully not included in community dialogue as that’s Forshay’s core business.

How much is the cost (investment!)?

  • Annual membership fee is $3,000. Rolling monthly admission by application to ensure alignment with values.
  • Easy payment via credit card

Interested? Complete the form below and we’ll reach out with next steps.


    Work is a team sport. We are on your team — drop us a line to tell us how we can help.