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True or False: Interviews are Awesome

True or False: Interviews are Awesome

Trick question. They’re equal parts awesome and terrible. But they don’t have to be. Here are some ways to make them better all the way around.

Slow Down

You needed to fill that role like yesterday. You’re getting pressure from the top to make it happen. Speed is important, but what are you sacrificing? Sometimes you need to slow down to go fast (because wasting time and money is zero% fun). Slowing down to consider if this person complements your culture, aligns to your values, and also has the right experience pays dividends. Instead of just making a speedy hire, you’ll be making the right hire—which saves you time in the long game.

Bring Your Authentic Self (& What That Really Means…)

Both the hiring manager and the candidate often “put on a show” during the interview process. It’s easy and natural to want to present the best version of yourself or your company. But honesty on both sides is extremely valuable. What’s our one piece of go-to advice? Go for a walk while you talk. It opens people up to get to know one another, connect, and determine if it’s the right candidate for the right role. Candidates: express your strengths that specifically apply to this role, this company and an awareness of your areas of growth. Also, be sure to show up at the interview prepared to talk about what problems you can solve for this employer. Hiring managers: tell the real story (aka your #nofilter version) of the opportunities (as well as the potential challenges) of the role and where the company is today. Yes, you want to show your best self, but you also want to make sure this working relationship really has a future.

Culture Fit vs. Culture Complement

An industry trend we’re thrilled to see is the demand for a diverse slate. Relying too heavily on referrals can lead to homogeneity in the workplace. As we’ve learned from science, sometimes having an outsider perspective brings new ideas and breakthrough progress to a team. Instead of only looking at candidates who are replicas of the people you already have (for example, only hiring from your alma mater), find someone who complements your team and aligns with your values. Additionally, if candidates and hiring managers narrow their long list of dream attributes to a focused 3-5 criteria that truly matter, it widens the aperture to see more of what’s possible (resulting in more diverse slates) and to get both sides to dream job/hire faster.

Make the Match

Every HR person has this saying embroidered (or tattooed) somewhere: People don’t leave companies; they leave bosses. It’s our job to help pair up a candidate with a manager who mesh well together. Add in growth opportunities that sync up. And voila. A pretty close match.

Want more tips? Or curious what’s happening in the industry? Or want to hear why we think interviews could be better for everyone? We’ve created a short video which sums up thoughts from Sally Thornton, Forshay Founder + CEO, and Andrea Yelle, Forshay COO/Head of Talent. Let us know what you think, and offer up ideas of your own.